Self-Awareness Begins Your Journey

So many people are stuck in their lives! They don't know what their passions are or where to begin uncovering their dreams. They have a hard time making even the simplest decisions, they are unsure about what career they want, and they can't decide what they want their future to look like. They are so afraid to make the wrong choice that they are stuck and not making any decisions at all. They long for something else. They know that what they are doing now is not working and not what they want. But they don't have any idea what they do want.

Does this sound like you?

If you don't know who you are or what you need in life or what you desire - how can you go get it? How can you ever live the life of your dreams if you don't know what they are? If you don't see the wounds and stuck beliefs inside you - how can you heal them?

Go Wild on This Safari Challenge!

The Safari 5-Day Self-Awareness Challenge Schedule

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  Expedition One: The Lively Lion
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  Expedition Two: The Untamed Tiger
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  Expedition Three: The Confident Croc
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  Expedition Four: The Empathic Elephant
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  Expedition Five: The Gentle Giraffe
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A Safari is an expedition into an unfamiliar land to observe, learn, and grow from the experience.

The land we are exploring on this Safari is the land of YOU. This is an expedition into learning all about You - your needs, your passions, your emotions, your motivations, and your subconscious blocks.

The truth is that we are afraid to explore the land of SELF. We don't want to see our areas of pain and lack. We also don't want to look at our passions and dreams because we think it's too hard to have them. So we do nothing. We hide from ourselves. We keep making wrong decisions. We keep wondering why we aren't happy and why others have the life they dream of but we don't.

The Benefits of Self-Discovery

Gain clarity on WHO you are.

Uncover your WHY.

Locate and HEAL old trauma and wounds.

Discover Skills, Talents, and PASSIONS!

Make easier and BETTER DECISIONS!

Reveal where your NEEDS are not being met.

Know what you want so you can GO GET IT!

Safari Animals Guide Your Journey

Of course there are Safari Animals on this Safari!

Animals are a really good tools to associate their characteristics - their needs, behaviors, healing, living, and being - with our own human characteristics.

In the world of self-healing and spiritual work on our inner-selves, concepts can get a bit "woo-woo." We can't see energy or consciousness - these things are metaphysical. (Beyond physical.) But we can see these beautiful wild animals. When I talk about the root chakra, many people can't imagine that invisible energy center. When I talk about how a lion is protective, and walks for miles every day, and takes his naps in the dirt on the ground - that is something that can be seen and understood by just about anyone.

We have 5 different animals to be our Safari Guides during this challenge.

Self-Awareness Is...

The CONSCIOUS knowledge of one's own needs, desires, feelings, motives, and wounds.

To be conscious means that you are aware of and acknowledge and accept the existence of your own reality - the truth of your soul. This state of awareness allows you to be mindful, to heal, and to choose a life that makes you happy.

Would self-awareness help you become a happier, more productive, more fulfilled person?

Expedition Lively Lion!

Day 1 of the Safari Challenge is all about your basic needs and making sure you recognize the areas of the Lion that you need to be aware of in your life.

Expedition UnTamed Tiger!

Day 2 of the Safari Challenge will explore your real emotions and seek out areas of your life you can be more like the Tiger.

Expedition Confident Croc!

Day 3 Safari Challenge will lead you to uncovering your "them-esteem" and ways to live like the crocodile.

Expedition Empathic Elephant!

Day 4 Safari Challenge is a journey into relationships and wounded hearts. You'll uncover how to walk the path of the elephant.

Expedition Gentle Giraffe!

Day 5 of the Safari Challenge is the day to explore the areas below in your subconscious that you don't see. Learn how to bend like the giraffe and walk with grace.

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