Choosing Your Life

This course is about giving you the tools to live a conscious life of your own choosing. The alternative to planning your own life is that you live with the desires, hopes, dreams, and visions of other people.

You will never be completely aligned with what others want for your life. This will create dis-alignment, dis-harmony, and dis-ease in your life.

At the end of your life will you be content knowing you lived the life others wanted for you, or would you rather be able to say, "I chose my life."

You can create the vision for your own life. You can build a plan for the goals and actions you need to get there. You can live from your own choices, your own dreams, and your own passions.

What You'll Get in This Life Changing Course

You will learn a system for designing your life short-term and long-term!

You will experience 2 Healing Visualizations!

You will create an inspired vision for your dreams!

You will design your PATH and Goals!

You will receive my 4 Tools for SUCCESS in keeping to your PATH!

You will draw the MAP that gives you the directions to achieving your dreams and passions!

You Won't Believe This But...

I was FIFTY years old before I started living a life I love.

It's true.

I didn't think I could have a fulfilling career, new home, a group of life-minded friends, a supportive husband, or beautiful relationships with my grown children who are happy and living lives of their choosing.

I put off my life when I was young because I had so many negative thoughts that kept telling me I didn't have what I needed to move forward: not enough money; not enough time; no babysitter; no transportation; no one to help me...

...and the biggest block for me was this:

It would be selfish for me to take time for myself and my development.

In reality, not choosing my life made me very unhappy - which made my family very unhappy. I wasted a lot of time living in default mode. I let others choose my life for me. I lived for the expectations of other people. I let my own self-doubts and limiting beliefs create a life that was neither fulfilling nor happy.

That all changed 10 years ago when my mom's illness and some words from my physical therapist got a message through to me.

I had better get busy living instead of just going through the motions until I die.

That was my awakening.

And since then I have been studying mind set and consciousness and working with ways to raise my vibes and live a life that is truly happy and filled with joy.

I would love to share some of that with you so that you can begin living your dream life full of passion and joy.

In the Course I Give You

5 Video Lessons

12 Workbook Exercises

2 Audio Visualizations

2 Zoom Calls

... and Lots of

Access to Me

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