A Quest is...

a search for something valuable - riches, truth, or purpose. I see this academy as a place where quests happen. The quests that happen here empower women to search for themselves, to discover their dreams, and to become free to live their purpose.

- Dr. Genie

Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney

Spiritual Counselor - Soul Doctor - Energy Therapist

Dr. Genie is a spiritual philosopher with a PhD in Metaphysical Humanism - the study of human consciousness. She has trained with mind-set coaches, hypnotherapists, angel communicators, former monks, and shaman.

In her practice, Genie mostly works with woman who, like she once was, find themselves in a major life upheaval, change, or transition, and are having a hard time moving forward.

She founded the Choose Love Ministry in 2018 so that she could bring healing wisdom and hope to more people, especially those who can't afford commercial life coaching programs.

I'm a healer and everyone should have access to spiritual healing. -Dr. Genie

Academy Membership Programs

Genie Mathews Academy is...

A Loving Space Where You Can:

Plan Your Dream Life

Learn Life Skills

Go on a Quest

Illuminate Your Shadow

Uncover Secrets in Your Dreams

Clear Your Chakras

Join a Group

Heal Your Wounds

Raise Your Vibes

Make Friends

Take a *Safari Exploration

Build Your Dream Job

Add to Your Job Skill Set

Participate in Ceremony

*Safari is an 12 week program of self-awareness and self-care.

What others have to say...

Finding Yourself...

"Through Dr Genie's classes I've learned a great deal about my emotions and get more in tune with myself, which has led to a big shift in my mindset. My mental health and life have improved so much since working with her and being part of her community!"

- Lindsay M, Orlando FL

Discovering how to dream again...

"Dr. Genie has guided me through grief and mourning, anxiety and depression, and everything else that has been thrown at me. Through these experiences I have taken many things with me, with the biggest being that I have to love myself to love others. And that it’s ok to love myself. Whether it be through meditation, card readings or just sister talk, she has taught me to be real, to be myself and to be open to the journey."

-Missy B., WV

Freedom to be yourself...

"I found Doctor Genie when I felt like things were falling apart, she showed me the skills to use so I could start putting the pieces back together again and continue to grow past that pain, after that I was hooked! I love the time I spend at the studio, it’s a safe and nurturing space that feels like home."

Hollie B, WV

Learn - Live - Lead - Love