Decode the Messages in Your Dreams!

Dreams are full of symbols and imagery we don't understand. Sometimes it feels as if our dreams speak a different language! And, we often wonder if our dreams messages or not?

In this mini-course, you will learn about the different kinds of dreams and how to know if there is a message you should be hearing. I complied a PDF A-Z Dream Book with the most popular dream symbols and their interpretations.

And, of course, intuition plays a huge roll in understanding your dreams. I'll give you some exercises that help you connect with your inner voice. Trusting your intuition is so important!


Course Curriculum

In this Mini-Course You Will...

Connect to Your Inner Knowing

Learn the Different Types of Dreams

Understand Dream Language

Receive Interpretations for the Most Common Dream Symbols That Appear

Apply Methods to Help You Remember Your Dreams

Use The Dream Detective System of Investigating Your ´╗┐Dreams for Your Own Interpretations

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Quest Members,

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